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Khama III had a turbulent and eventful life, surviving dangers that enhaced his legacy. He fully embraced Christianity that he strove for his people to adopt.

Besssie Head

Bessie was an author from South Africa who set up home in Serowe, writing engrossing accounts of the fabric of life in the community and illuminating the subtleties of Ga-Ngwato.


Archive material for research. Khama family history. Ngwato cultural collections and exhibits. Bessie Head collection. Curio shop.


Le-Lapa is the "Homestead" and we show some of the artifacts found in a traditional Ngwato home .

Archives and Research Material

The archival material provides researchers important resources and we are developing access that is readily available.

As we progress, making material easily available to visitors, researchers and the curious is important.

Archives website

What to see in the Museum

Permanent Exhibits and displays.

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Author of "when the Rain Clouds Gather" an account of life in Serowe.

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Kgosi-Tona Khama III.

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Hunters kit and accessories for a long trip.

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Sir Seretse Khama and Family.