To know your past gives meaning, value and direction to your existence

Our Heritage, Culture and Histories

We are the prime keepers of the Ba-ma-Ngwato histories from the time and life of Kgosi-Tona Khama III. He led a colourful and significant life and shaped the society and people of the region. He also played a major role in shaping the country we now know as Botswana through the threats of unfettered imperialism from several fronts. His descendents have been major players in the politics from the status of a British Protectorate through to independence in 1966.
We are also guardians of the archives and objects relating to the life of Bessie Head used by academics and researchers in their work of one of Southern Africa’s great literary figures.
Many of our collections relate to the disappearing cultural norms of Batswana and we try to instil pride and confidence of our past in generations while being instrumental in rewriting what is a very Euro-centric perspective of our forebears.

Making Culture and Heritage real

Modern Botswana is burying the history that still plays a significant part in our lives.

Some of the reasons for disowning culture is the narrative of imperialism which we need to correct and dispel through sharing knowledge and pride.

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What to see in the Museum

Permanent Exhibits and displays.

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Author of "when the Rain Clouds Gather" an account of life in Serowe.

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Kgosi-Tona Khama III.

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Hunters kit and accessories for a long trip.

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Sir Seretse Khama and Family.